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BLANKWORKSis a product that runs inside of SolidWorks and it is a Gold Certified SolidWorks product. It determines flat blank shape and helps to determine formability of metal stampings by providing thinning results.

The following are all standalone products. They run inside of the FormingSuite® 2013 environment which is included with the software. One of the great tools in FormingSuite is the reporting feature. The user can create reports that clearly describe the results on the screen within a matter of a couple seconds. These reports can be emailed to customers or colleagues or can be saved to disk or printed for archiving along with quotes that you do.

FASTBLANK quickly determines the flat blank as well as helps to determine the formability of metal stampings by providing thinning results. It is remarkably easy to use. You can have results in less than an hour after downloading, even with no prior experience.

FASTFORM Advanced is our best selling analysis software. This product is as easy to use as the most basic product FASTBLANK. It can absolutely be taught in a matter of hours to someone with no prior forming analysis experience. In addition to including everything that FASTBLANK includes, it has several important advanced tools including pressure pads, constraints, curved binder, and springback results. One of the most important additions to FASTFORM Advanced is all of the reports that are available to the user. The most important reports are the Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) and the subsequent Safety Margin report, Formability report and accompanying wrinkling prediction.

PROGNEST integrates into FormingSuite along with FASTBLANK or FASTFORM ADVANCED or FASTFORM MultiStage and is absolutely the fastest and most accurate way to determine material usage in progressive dies or blanking dies. PROGNEST can dramatically impact the speed and accuracy of your quotes.

FASTFORM MultiStage is a revolutionary new product that combines the benefits of both Inverse and Incremental solutions. It is based on an entirely new Incremental solver technology (called Finite Increment Technology) developed specifically to speed up the feasibility studies of parts formed in multiple operations.

FAST Incremental leverages the Associative and Regenerative FormingSuite 2013 environment and the proven LS-Dyna solver to enable detailed and accurate process validation based on full tooling surfaces. It is the most accurate solution available to accuratey simulate parts formed in multiple stages of a die.


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