Please note that the videos on our web site are mainly separated for the sake of organization. Logopress3 Tool Design software is geared towards die designers but is also used by designers for gages, fixtures and special machines, as well as other tooling.

For those customers who may not design their own dies or those who aren't even in the tool and die or metal stamping business, we offer individual pieces of our software. Logopress3 Unbending is popular with prototype companies for example, as is Logopress3 BLANK. Logopress3 BLANK is even used for such things as sails, swimming pool liners, orthopedic braces, etc...

For a FREE 14 day trial of Logopress3 BLANK or Logopress3F *CLICK HERE*


1) 3 minute Logopress3 concise overview

2) Incredible strip layout done by a newbie with only 1 year of experience

3) Tool Animation & Dynamic Interference Detection

4) Full Demo of Strip Layout, Tool Design, Drawings, Bill of Materials and more

5) Complex BOX TERMINAL strip layout video demonstration

6) Logopress3 BLANK video demonstrations

7) Logopress3 Unbending video demonstrations

8) Logopress3 Round Draw module video demonstrations

9) Logopress3 webinar hosted by Brad Kuvin, Editor of Metalforming Magazine

10) An automotive-type part is featured here. We create a strip layout and partial die design.

11) Progressive Blank Companion (PBC)

12) FREE SolidWorks Gold Certified 123GO Intelligent Component Library by Logopress3

After viewing the full screen HD videos above, please also be sure to visit our searchable Screencast video library (click here to go there now), particularly the "Design a die in 3 hours" series. This series shows the complete Logopress3 die design process from start to finish.


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